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Working principle of the scrap tire recycling production line, waste tire recycling production line is also called waste tyre recycling line size, scrap tire rubber powder recycling line. Waste tyre recycling production line consists of several kinds of heavy equipment. Can realize full automatic separation of car tires, truck tires, truck tires and waste rubber products of rubber, steel wire and fiber material recycling. And according to the actual needs of customers, dicing and grinding powder on rubber raw material for fine machining processing. The waste tyre recycling production line running at room temperature, without any chemical additives, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
  • Rubber Tile Vulcanizing Press machine
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    Rubber Tile Vulcanizing Press machine

    High degree of automation, advanced PLC control, can automatically control the exchange of manual, simplify the operation steps, save labor and reduce costs.
  • Rubber Vulcanizing Press
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    Rubber Vulcanizing Press

    rubber mat manufacturing machine Descri p tion: The machine equipped with a motor reducer direct connects. It mixes rubber and glue directly, stirring uniform, high efficiency. It’s very convenient to transfer the machine to venues. The structure of machine is compact and...
  • Interlock Tile Making Machine
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    Interlock Tile Making Machine

    interlock tile making machine Rubber Tile Vulcanizing Press/Rubber Tile Making Machine/Rubber Tile Machine/ Rubber Brick machine Quick Detail: Rubber tile/brick making machine Kinds of Shapes Different colors
  • Rubber Paver Machine
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    Rubber Paver Machine

    rubber paver machine , Playground Paving machine, paver Descri p tion: TPJ-2.5-type paver machine, is a technology with higher levels of plastic track laying machine, which employs advanced technology and Siemens frequency step-less speed regulation of hydraulic gear to...
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