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The shredder is made up of a set of rotating blades, paper combs and drive motors. The paper is fed from the interlocking blade and is divided into many tiny pieces of paper for the purpose of confidentiality. Shredding means when the paper is processed by the shredder and then shredded by the shredder. According to the composition of the paper cutter, the existing paper fragments are broken, granular, segmented, foaming, strip, filaments, etc.
  • Tree Branches Shredder
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    Tree Branches Shredder

    The tree branches shredder uses two sets of cutter disks made of fine alloy steel to cut each other so that all kinds of soft and hard materials are crushed. The main shredding materials include plastic package barrel, rubber wheel, basket materials, huge rolls of films, huge...
  • Shredder Knife
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    Shredder Knife

    Shredder Knife is mainly used in recycling processing for shredding and crushing metals, such as electronic scrap, recycling plastic and rubber lumps, tire, PS, PP, PA, PE, PVC, large plastic pipes, waste paper and film, and sheet material.
  • Shredder Blades
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    Shredder Blades

    Product Description 1. Material: D2,SKD11,HSS,9CRSI,T10... 2. Hardness: HRC56-60 according to customers request. 3. Triple tempt for optimum wear resistance. 4. Precise heat treatment. 5. Excellent cutting longevity and wear resistance. 6. High intensity,high toughness,small...
  • Wood Crusher
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    Wood Crusher

    Wood crusher, Coarse Crusher,Grinder Wood crusher, Coarse Crusher 1.size of input:about 250mmx30mm 2.size of output:2~20mesh 3.Powder:22kw 4. with cyclone Descri p tion: This machine is used for pre-grinding process for various rubber, plastic, chemical and herbal medicine....
  • Metal Crusher
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    Metal Crusher

    Metal Crusher Coarse Crusher,Grinder Metal scraps crusher 1.size of input:about 250mmx5mm 2.size of output:2~50cm 3.Powder:37kw Descri p tion: This machine adopts hard alloy or wear-proof steel blades, can crush various kind hard materials coarsely. The raw materials are...
  • Plastic Crusher
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    Plastic Crusher

    plastic crusher , Coarse Crusher,Grinder plastic crusher size of input:about 250mmx30mm size of output:20mm Powder:22kw Applications: To make plastic chips
  • Tire Crusher
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    Tire Crusher

    Tire crusher,Tire Rasper, Coarse Crusher,Grinder - For Tire recycling Plant Applications: To make granules and separate steel wires Quick Detail: rubbe scraps crusher size of input:about 10cm size of output:8-12mm Descri p tion: This machine is used for pre-crushing process...
  • Rubber Crusher
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    Rubber Crusher

    Rubber crusher, Rubber Granulator, Coarse Crusher,Grinder - For Tire recycling Plant Applications: To make small rubber granules. Quick Detail: rubbe scraps crusher size of input:about 12m size of output:1-5mm Powder:22-90kw with cyclone Descri p tion: This machine is used...
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