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  • Tire Recycling Machines

    Tire Recycling Machines

    Working principle of the scrap tire recycling production line, waste tire recycling production line is also called waste tyre recycling line size, scrap tire rubber powder recycling line. Waste tyre recycling production line consists of several kinds of heavy equipment. Can realize full automatic separation of car tires, truck tires, truck tires and waste rubber products of rubber, steel wire and fiber material recycling. And according to the actual needs of customers, dicing and grinding powder on rubber raw material for fine machining processing. The waste tyre recycling production line running at room temperature, without any chemical additives, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
  • Metal Recycling Machines

    Metal Recycling Machines

    Metal recycling refers to the product that is separated from the scrap metal and is made into recycled products through physical or mechanical processing. It is an industrial chain of recycling, dismantling and recycling. The metal recycling industry has formed a complete industrial chain and recycling ecosystem. The industrial waste from abroad supplier, after traders, importers, agents, port, dismantling plant (designated enterprise or hardware factory), recycling companies, metal processing plants, has realized the effective utilization of resources.
  • Shredder


    The shredder is made up of a set of rotating blades, paper combs and drive motors. The paper is fed from the interlocking blade and is divided into many tiny pieces of paper for the purpose of confidentiality. Shredding means when the paper is processed by the shredder and then shredded by the shredder. According to the composition of the paper cutter, the existing paper fragments are broken, granular, segmented, foaming, strip, filaments, etc.
  • Pulverizer


    Powder mill is widely used in chemical industry, mining, steel, thermal power, coal and other industries. The powder grinding equipment includes: ramon mill, high fine grinding mill, high pressure powder mill, high pressure roller mill. In addition, the relevant supporting equipment of the grinder, such as feeding machine, bucket elevator, conveyor, transmission equipment, etc.
  • Mixing Machine

    Mixing Machine

    The mixer is a mechanical device which combines two or more materials with mechanical force and gravity. In the process of mixing, the surface area of material contact can be increased to promote chemical reaction. It also speeds up physical change. The commonly used mixers are divided into four categories: gas and low viscosity liquid mixers, medium and high viscosity liquids and paste mixers, powdery and granular solid materials.
  • Sifting Machine

    Sifting Machine

    The vibrating screen has eccentric ring dynamic screen, inertia vibrating screen and resonant screen, etc. Its common characteristic is that the screen is made of high frequency and small amplitude vibration, and the material on the screen is isolated. The screen is not easy to be blocked, the screen is efficient, the structure is simple, the weight is lighter, the power consumption is low.
  • Granulating Machine

    Granulating Machine

    1. The granulator should be running forward; Avoid reversing. 2. The granulator is forbidden to operate without load, so it is necessary for the machine to be loaded, so as to avoid the phenomenon of stickiness. 3. The feeding port of the granulator is forbidden to enter the iron and other sundries in the hole. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, affect the safety and normal production.
  • Drying Machine

    Drying Machine

    A dryer is a mechanical device that USES heat energy to reduce the moisture of the material and is used to dry the object. The drying machine vaporizes the moisture content in the material by heating (generally refers to water or other volatile liquid components) to obtain the solid material with the specified wet content. The purpose of drying is for the use of materials or for further processing. According to the operation pressure, the dryer is divided into two types: atmospheric dryer and vacuum dryer. According to the operating pressure, the pressure can be divided into normal pressure and decompression (vacuum drying machine is also called vacuum dryer). It also introduces the adsorption drying machine, freeze dryer and microwave dryer.
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