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Waste Tires Drag The Economic Hind Legs National Action Has Been Highlighted

Article link: China Environmental Online http://www.hbzhan.com/news/detail/122810.html

In recent years, with the rise of the automobile industry, the waste tires in our country have risen sharply with an annual increase of 8% -10%. According to relevant statistics, 283 million scrap tires were produced in China in 2012, and is growing at a rate of 5% per annum. It is estimated that the output of scrap tires will reach 13.5 million tons by 2020, while the amount recovered will only account for 50% about.


Australia Queensland Polytechnic University found that the use of waste tires to extract bio-crude oil, diesel and a small proportion of mixing, without affecting the performance of the premise, can reduce engine carbon emissions and reduce particulate matter, 70kg of recycled tires can refining 28L oil. This shows that the recycling of used tires promising.



Waste tires into a recycling economy hinder

Waste tires caused by environmental pollution, waste of resources and safety hazards are also more prominent, especially in the process of comprehensive utilization of waste tires due to processing technology and equipment caused by the "secondary pollution" has become an urgent need to develop recycling economy problems.


"A lot of used tires not only pollute the environment, but also destroy the growth of vegetation, affect human health and be reused through industrialization." An industry expert who asked not to be named pointed out that discarded tires are resources that can be reused. The level of recycling and comprehensive utilization of discarded tires is an important symbol of a country's economic development. Its recycling is a worldwide problem.

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What's more, as one of the countries with the largest amount of rubber in the world, the shortage of rubber resources in China has seriously hampered the rapid development of China's rubber industry. It uses waste tires to clean and pollute high-performance rubber raw materials, Rubber raw materials partially or completely replaced by natural.


Ni Xuewen, chairman of China Rubber Industry Association's comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, said: "The disposal of discarded tires is a strategic industry that solves the problem of black pollution and promotes the recycling of resources. As the country's environmental protection requirements become more and more stringent, manufacturers have stepped up environmental protection Invest effort, take the initiative to upgrade equipment and technology, and consciously implement cleaner production, the entire industry has seen a significant improvement in production.


The industry has unanimously recommended that the local government (finance), tire manufacturers, tire users, etc., can take a portion of the cost for waste tire recycling and disposal. These costs for waste tire recycling, disposal of work. Can take the joint promotion of enterprises, governments, associations, the main use of government policy resources, the use of the Association's technical resources, so that enterprises have sufficient capacity to complete the recovery and disposal.

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