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Waste Tyre Shredder / Tyre Recycling Plant / Used Tire Shredder Machine For Sale



6.Advantage of our tire crusher

(1). Material of our rollers: our rollers adopts 5Cr6MnMo, which is more strong and wear resistant than alloy steel. But others are cast iron. The whole roller is easy to be broken down.

(2). Surface of rollers:Our two rollers are grooved, which has stronger crush ability. The rollers of others are one groove and one smooth, the crush ability is not strong as ours.

(3). Speed ratios of rollers: Ours are 1:2.5, others are 1:1.38. As we all know, the bigger speed ratio difference is, the bigger capacity you get.

(4). Warranty of rollers: We provide 3 years warranty time, while others are one year or two years.

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