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The Concept Of Sifting Machine

The process of breaking bulk materials into different grain levels through a layer or layer of sieve is called sieving. The sieving machine is to use the relative movement of the granular material and the sieve surface, so that some particles through the sieve hole, the sand, gravel, gravel and other materials according to particle size into different levels of vibration screening machinery and equipment. Sieving machine screening process is generally continuous, sieving the raw materials to the sieving machine (referred to as sieve) on the screen, less than the size of the sieve through the sieve hole, known as the sieve products, the material is more than the sieve size from the sieve surface continuously discharged, known as the sieve products.

The sieving particle level depends on the sieve surface, the sieve grate, the plate sieve and the screen sieve three kinds. Grate grating is suitable for sieving large granule material, grate gap is the 1.1~1.2 times of the sieve material size, it is generally unfavorable to be less than 50 mm. The plate sieve is punched by the steel plate, the hole is round, square or rectangular, the aperture is generally 10~80 millimeter, the service life is longer, not easy to jam, suitable for sieving Medium granule. Screen by wire woven or welded into, the hole is square, rectangular or long shape, commonly used aperture is 6~85 mm, long-shaped sieve hole suitable for screening of moist materials, mesh screen is a large effective area. The principle of sieving machine is divided into two parts: rolling sieving and vibrating screen. The rolling sieving includes the sieve axis sieving machine, the roller sieve, the solid, the spiral roller sieve, the vane type roller screen and so on, the vibrating screen has the banana sieve, the high service sieve, the relaxation sieve and so on. The rolling type sieving principle equipment uses the forcible conveyance, is not easy to cause the material to block the sieve surface. Vibration because of the principle characteristics of sticky wet materials (general moisture more than 6%) screening easy to cause blockage, the power is greater.

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