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Technical Characteristics Of Granulating Machine

Changed the shape design of the screw, increase the screw spacing between the screws in the heating can make plastic in the barrel fully plastic melting, the use of variable diameter, in the technology to increase the relative service life of the screw; the use of high-strength 38CrMoAlA on materials enhances the performance of the entire machine.


The design of the barrel adopts $number steel after fine processing has high hardness and certain wear-resisting corrosion resistance, and has a certain size slot in the feeding end, which is convenient for feeding.

Heating system

The heating system is composed of a heating ring, which is distributed separately in the barrel, and the material in the barrel is heated and plasticizing, and through the Electric Cabinet instrument control, the change of setting temperature is formed automatically.

Cooling Fan

In order to achieve the stability of the temperature in the barrel, the design on the bottom of the barrel increased cooling fan, through the automatic temperature control when the temperature is too high when cooling automatically, increasing the barrel temperature stability.


In order to maintain the extrusion of plastic will not appear because of temperature reduction, lack of liquidity, hinder extrusion. A certain power heating ring is added to the nose, which ensures the normal fullness of the material. and the discharge hole set on the head is parallel to the 15-hole type, which increases the production speed. The head structure type parallel extruding head, the thread is connected with the material cylinder, when replaces the net board, may save time and effort.

Pelletizing System

After cooling the cooling system into the granulator to roll into granular shape, convenient packaging. In the Granulator set on the rolling feed wheel, driven by the motor to automatically transfer materials to the body, the body's internal rolling blades to cut off.

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