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Sieving Effect Of Sifting Machines

The ideal sieving effect is that the sieve is more than the sieve of the small particles all through the sieve, and the sieve is the product of the screen, which is a sieve, and the screening efficiency is 100%. But for a variety of reasons, for example, because the raw material contains clay and water so that the fine particles that should go into the sieve products are glued to the sieve products on the coarse granules, or because the sieve surface has been used for a long time and make the sieve hole wear bigger, the coarse particles that should have entered the sieve products have entered the sieve product. There are many indexes for evaluating sieving effect, and the standard of sieving efficiency, average distribution error and total mismatch content of three items in Chinese coal sieving equipment (GB/t 15716-2005) are evaluated.

Sieving efficiency is the technical index to evaluate the complete degree of sieving process. There are two main indicators to measure the sieving process: production and sieving rate.

Productivity: Production capacity refers to the amount of material that can be processed within the unit time. Unit for H

Sieving Rate: The ratio of the weight of the sieve product in the sieving to the size of the sieve or the sieve slot is called sieving efficiency, expressed as a percentage. Sieve efficiency is an indicator of the quality of the work of the equipment. It indicates the degree of sieving operation and the quality of sieving products.

The application principle of the above three indexes is: for the technical appraisal of the newly developed equipment, the acceptance of the new equipment or the important production technology inspection, the three indexes should be used to evaluate the index. The daily inspection of sieving equipment is not subject to this limitation.

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