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New Brown Sugar Mill Application

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Universal grinder, widely cited in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry. Brown sugar block grinder

When you buy universal smash, please note the following points.

1. Optional products, the material is 304 stainless steel, with dust-proof device. The price and these. Brown sugar block grinder

2. There are 4 different grinding methods, the characteristics are as follows

1) Almighty 1, hammer: use more, generally hard items, suitable.

2) Universal 2, tooth plate: suitable for good liquid materials, such as rice, sugar, suitable for large fiber materials. Brown sugar block grinder

3) Universal 3, turbine: suitable for pepper, or chemical materials, large air volume.

4) Universal 4, air-cooled: less used, suitable for non-stick, not delicate materials.

3. Select the appropriate grinding method, in general.

2) You want to tell us the fineness, properties, viscosity, hardness, oiliness of our materials, and then we will give you the selection.

2) If the rare material, mail our samples, after grinding, we take a photo to you, after you confirm the purchase.

Production capacity: 30-600kg

Feed size: 5-15mm

Crushing fineness: 16-120 mesh.


Our equipment comes standard with 304 stainless steel with a dust-proof device

This machine is mainly used in chemical industry, medicine (Chinese medicine), food, spices, resin powder, powder coating and other weak electrical materials and high temperature resistant material. It is a new generation of crushing equipment.

The unit uses the relative movement between the movable gear and the fixed gear to make the material smashed by the impact of the gear plate, the friction and the impact between the materials. Crushed good material by rotating the role of centrifugal force, automatically into the capture bag, dust bag by the vacuum box filter recovery. The machine according to "GMP" standard design, all made of stainless steel, dust-free production process. And can improve the utilization of materials, reduce business costs, has reached the international advanced level.

nylon tire.jpg

Universal mill vibration solution is too large Universal mill generally used motor directly connected to the crushing device, this connection is simple and easy to repair. However, if the two can not be well connected during the assembly process, the overall vibration of the universal mill will be caused. (1) motor rotor and universal grinder rotor is not concentric. Move the motor left or right, or add a pad under the motor feet to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors. (2) universal mill rotor is not heart. The reason is that the two bearing surfaces that support the rotor shaft are not in the same plane. Copper pads on the bottom of the support bearing seat, or adjustable wedge iron at the bottom of the bearing, to ensure concentricity of the two axial heads. (3) smashing room part of the larger vibration. The reason is that the coupling between the coupling and the rotor is not in the same center or the quality of the flat hammer inside the rotor is uneven. According to different types of coupling take the appropriate method to wedge the coupling coupling and motor: When the quality of the hammer uneven, each group must be re-election hammer, so that the relative symmetry of the hammer, so that the relative weight of the hammer Film error is less than 5G. (4) The original balance is destroyed. Motor repair to be done after the dynamic balance test to ensure that the overall balance. (5) universal grinder system anchor bolts loose or loose foundation, when installed or repaired, to be evenly tighten the anchor bolts between the foot foundation and shredder, to install damping device to reduce vibration. (6) Hammer broken or smashed room hard debris. These will cause the rotor rotation imbalance, which caused the machine vibration. Therefore, to be regularly checked, for the serious wear and tear of the hammer. In the replacement, to be replaced symmetrically; shredder operation appears abnormal sound, stop checking immediately, find out the reasons for timely processing. (7) universal mill system and other equipment does not match the connection. For example, feed pipes, discharge pipes and other improper connection, will cause vibration and sound. Therefore, these joints, should not be used hard to connect, it is best to use soft connection.

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