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Main Types Of Drying Machines

Inner rotation

Equipment structure: Composed of horizontal cylindrical cylinder, exhaust pipe, feeding device, discharging device, barrel screw device, cleaning device, dial material plate, draft air device, transmission device, dedusting equipment and electronic control equipment.

Performance characteristics: 1, to solve the traditional dryer downstream of the same movement caused by the system temperature reduction after the water vapor return to the material problem; 2, in the drying process, the hot gas flow from the tail forward movement, with the full contact with the material, through heat conduction, convection, radiation heat transfer full use; 3, through the internal spiral stirring, sweeping, copying board, Push the material movement, complete the whole drying process, 4, the countercurrent conduction is wet, avoids reduces the repetition drying procedure.

Roller type

Drum dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries. The working process of the equipment is as follows: After dewatering, the wet material is added to the dryer, the material is evenly dispersed in the dryer and the hot air is fully contacted, and the dry heat transfer ﹑ mass is accelerated. In the drying process, the material with the inclination of the copy board and the role of thermal temperament, to the dryer another section of the star-shaped discharge valve to discharge the finished product. This machine is suitable for drying of all kinds of bad slag materials with water less than 85%, such as beer bad, bean dregs, sprayed corn peel, coal slime, fruit residue, for the development of feed resources, reduce the cost of feeding, reduce environmental pollution has good effect 10 years, China's main export products drum dryer is vibration drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment, small and medium grain, Food and agriculture and forestry products drying equipment, the annual export volume of more than hundreds of units, the main export areas are Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and has opened the door to the European and American markets. Principle Introduction The heat source of the drum dryer comes from the combustion device and adopts the downstream heating method. Therefore, the need to dry the material, from the Feed box, feed slip into the cylinder, that is, by the spiral copy board pushed. As the dryer tilts, the material flows to the back end on one hand under gravity and rotation. On the other hand, the material is copied repeatedly from the board, to the upper end of the continuous ascension, so that the material in the tube to form a uniform curtain, fully with the hot gas flow in the cylinder heat exchange, because the material repeatedly raised, the moisture content is gradually drying, To achieve the purpose of drying.

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