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Considerations For Using Granulation Machines


1. The granulation is running in a confidential way;

2. Granulator to prohibit the empty machine without load operation, must be the engine feeding operation, so as to avoid the occurrence of sticky staves (hold shaft) phenomenon.

3. Granulating machine feed mouth, the hole in the air is strictly prohibited to enter the iron and other sundries. So as not to cause unnecessary accidents, affect the normal production of safety.

Second, granulating machine working process should pay attention to matters.

1. Always pay attention to the body temperature changes, with a clean hand touch the note when the touch, should be heated immediately. Until the note touch is normal.

2. When the bearing part of the reducer is burned, the noise should be shut down in time to overhaul and refuel.

3. Host bearing room at both ends of the bearing part of the burning hand or a noise, to stop overhaul and add butter. When working normally, the bearing room raises butter once every 5-6 days.

4. Pay attention to the operation of the machine rules, such as: temperature, speed, and can be based on the situation, timely treatment.

5. When the fuselage is unstable, it is necessary to check whether the gap between the couplings is too tight, and to loosen up in time.

Third, the first boot operation method.

1. Before starting, the first heating up about forty or fifty minutes. Lift the temperature to the hand to pull the motor triangle belt until free, according to normal working rotation to pull eight to 10 times continuously. Then continue to heat up about 10 minutes, and then boot, but to continue heating, because normal production needs to continue to replenish heat;

Adjust different temperature according to different plastic properties.

2. Granulator normal operation, the machine temperature to maintain stability, do not suddenly high and low. Put around the air hole, until the head part of the temperature to maintain 200 ℃ (refers to C material, B material).

3. The material should be even, and there is no shortage of material. Machine feeding speed and feed speed to match the appropriate. Otherwise it will affect the quality and yield of the granules.

4. Downtime, the host to completely cut off power. The head wire plug (with the wrench part) must be taken off. Preheat separately before use.

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