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A Brief Introduction To The Drying Machine

Dryer can be divided into industrial and civilian, industrial drying machine is also called drying equipment or dryer, civil dryer is a washing machine, generally after washing dehydration, used to remove clothing and other textile moisture.

Dryer with belt-type drying, tumble drying, box-type drying, there are several modes of tower drying, such as coal, electricity, gas and so on. In the drying process, there is a hot air flow and radiation type, the hot air drum drying is the heat flow from the tail forward movement, full contact with the material, through the heat conduction, convection, radiation heat transfer fully utilized The heat energy is passed directly to the material, so that the moisture of the material is evaporated continuously in the cylinder body. The inlet of the feed device will be a large amount of water, wet airflow out, to prevent the dust discharged from the two pollution; through the internal spiral stirring, sweeping, copying board, to promote the movement of materials, complete the drying process.

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