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The use range and characteristics of the Drying Machine


1. The drying machine designed and produced by the multi-modular lifting device has made a variety of technological innovations in the system of the lifting device, adopted a new type of multi-modular lifting device, overcame the "wind tunnel" phenomenon of traditional dryer, high thermal efficiency and reduced coal consumption by about 20%.

2. Applicable to a variety of combustion furnace use: high-temperature boiling furnace, pulverized coal powder furnace and artificial heating stove.

3. Transmission gear with pin-string replaceable gears, replaced the traditional cast steel gears, cost-saving investment, and greatly reduced the maintenance costs and time.

4. Centralized control system can be used to realize the central monitoring and management of large enterprises.

5. Greater production capacity, continuous operation;

6. Simple structure and convenient operation;

7. Less trouble, lower maintenance cost;

8. Wide range of application, you can use it dry granular materials, for those with large adhesion is also very advantageous;

9. The operation elasticity is big, the production allows the product the output to have the big fluctuation range, does not affect the product quality;

$number。 Cleaning is easy.

Scope of application

Rotary dryer is mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, building materials, mining and other industries particles, powder drying.

Working flow of tumble dryer

The dry medium of the direct heat transfer rotary dryer is usually flue gas. Downstream direct heat transfer rotary dryer, its combustion chamber and wet material feeding at the same end, the hot air flow is consistent with the movement direction of the material, the wet material moves from the feeding end to the discharging end, and the hot atmosphere is discharged from the feeding end by the discharging end under the action of the blower and the draught blower, and the moist material is heated and dried in the process of the flow.

Countercurrent type Direct heat transfer rotary dryer, it is wet material from the feeding end to the dryer, the combustion chamber is located in the discharging end, the material and dry medium (hot air) for the reverse direction of movement, the material in the process of heating and drying.

Downstream drying due to the wet material into the dryer with higher temperature of the dry medium contact, the initial drying impetus is greater, and later with the material temperature increase, drying medium temperature reduction. Therefore, it is suitable for the final moisture content (that is, drying degree) of the material requirements are not high. Discharge of dry material temperature is low, easy to transport. However, from the production of dust, fine materials are easily taken away by the air, a large amount of dust. Countercurrent drying in the drying process, the dry driving force is uniform, suitable for drying material requirements more stringent drying. Dry media with dust through the wet area of the filter, air flow with less dust. The specific choice of drying method depends on the final requirements of dry materials.

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