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Structure principle and maintenance of Rubber Powder Pulverizer

Rubber Mill is the market on a variety of small rubber grinder products, it by the crusher, grinder by automatic feeding, automatic transmission, automatic grinding, automatic screening, automatic dust removal and other components. It overcomes the low production, high labor intensity, can not deal with tire rubber and can not be continuous production and other drawbacks, through-train all kinds of waste rubber (such as bicycles, tractors, automotive inner tubes, tires, soles, gaskets, rubber plant under the corner material, seals, conveyor belts, etc.) and the use of high-pressure action under the grinding and shearing principle, Can effectively control the crushing temperature. To ensure the quality of rubber powder, crushing fineness can reach 5-100, each set of units can be 2 tons of Nissan rubber powder.

Structure and principle

The rubber mill consists of smashing host, motor frame, water cooling system and so on. The basic principle is that through the relative movement of two grinding plates, the material will be cut and milled to achieve the purpose of crushing the material. Double water cooling is used to control the crushing temperature of the material effectively, and the ideal product quality is obtained.

Repair and Maintenance

1. Host Center bearings every four classes refueling once, blower bearings once a month.

2. The bearing chamber temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees.

3. When the roller sleeve is replaced, the mill roller bearing and the bearing chamber should be cleaned.

4. The bearings should be fitted with proper clearance.

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