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Operation Essentials of Crushers

Commissioning vehicle:

1. Close the magnetic starter hand to power transmission;

2. The hand presses the button to open the three;

3. Starting and idling 1 ~ weeks;

4. Reprint machine, crusher joint operation;

5. Check no abnormal, send the power-on signal.

6. Crusher in the process of operation machinery and motor can not have vibration, sound and humidity to normal, the bearing temperature of not more than 75 ℃, motor temperature should not exceed the manufacturer's requirements;

7. The chain of the reprint machine must be consistent, under full load, the chain tightness does not allow more than two chain ring length, no card chain, jump chain phenomenon;

8. The easy melt plug or the easy fry piece damaged by the Machine Joint Transfer section shall not be replaced with wood or other materials;

9. Breaker Protection Network safety device should be kept intact, in the course of the work should be regularly inspected, if the damage should be immediately shut down treatment;

10. Machine tail protection and other safety devices must be kept intact;

11. Transfer machine:

(1). Clean the tail, the fuselage sides and the bridge under the floating coal, floating waste;

(2). To protect the cable, water pipes, tubing, and hanging neatly;

(3). Check the roadway support, in order to ensure safety in the case of the reprint machine;

(4). Walking trolley and belt conveyor tail frame to contact good, not run biased, after the transfer of good, to prevent large chunks of coal gangue damage tape, to ensure smooth flow of coal.

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