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Introduction and working principle of hydraulic shears


Powerful hydraulic shears is one of the best broken rescue tool products, it uses the latest design and mechanical processing, heat treatment and surface treatment process, and selected High-strength steel and aviation high-strength aluminum alloy material, high strength, strength, small size, light weight, excellent quality.

The optimized mechanical design, the unique tool support, provides the biggest shearing force, and is durable; novel button-type switches and reliable hydraulic quick connectors, is the product more humane. Applicable to the demolition and rescue in various places.


This series of products with the mobile pump or manual pump supporting the use, can achieve rapid shear function. When there is a fire, a traffic accident, earthquakes and other disasters, the product can be quickly and effectively cut off anti-theft door windows, steel railings, cars, train compartments, such as metal or non-metallic structures, to rescue victims trapped in a restricted environment or to rescue the victim in a dangerous environment, to achieve the purpose of rescue or relief. Is the fire brigade, traffic police, industrial and mining enterprises and other relief and rescue departments must be broken tools.

Working principle

The hydraulic shears usually have an aluminum alloy casing whose blades are forged from hot rolled steel. Piston and piston rods are usually made of hot rolled alloy steel. Hydraulic shears are mainly used to cut materials such as sheet metal and plastic. Often they are used to cut cars and other means of transport to rescue stranded passengers. Like hydraulic expander, hydraulic shears can also be powered by petrol-powered devices. The life-saving jaw system can be powered by electricity, air or hydraulics.

Unlike a hydraulic expander, a hydraulic shear is a curved claw-like extension, and its end is pointed. As with the principle of the hydraulic expander, the hydraulic fluid flows into the hydraulic cylinder and exerts pressure on the piston. The opening and closing of the blade depends on the direction of the power exerted on the piston. When the piston rod rises, the blade opens. When the piston rod drops, the blade starts to the object, such as the roof, closes, and cuts it off.

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