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Information about Tire Recycling Line

Tyre recycling line is the complete production line of scrap tyre recycling, such as cutting ring, crushing, magnetic separation, crushing, grinding and plastic powder bagging.

Technical process and characteristics of tyre crushing:

1. Tyre cutting machine: the tyre cutting ring machine is a special equipment which will cut the inner ring of the tyre.

2. Tyre crusher: The tyre crusher is a special equipment which will break the tyre of the inner ring to the rubber block of about 50 mm. After the first break of the rubber strip through the screening system by the round bar sieve again sent back to the crushing chamber, to do further crushing, meet the requirements of the rubber block through the round net sieve hole leakage.

3. Rubber Shredder: The Rubber crusher is a special equipment which will crush the rubber particles of the broken tire into the 6-12mm rubber granules.

4. Magnetic separator: From the rubber crusher under the mouth of the products are: rubber particles, steel wire, fiber low cloth, through the magnetic separator can be wire separation.

5. Rubber finely machine: it is the special equipment of 6-12mm Rubber granule which is crushed into 1-3mm in the process of the crushing machine at room temperature.

6. Double-disc Rubber Grinder: Rubber Grinding Machine is 5 mesh-10 purpose rubber particles grinding into 40 mesh to 120 mesh of rubber powder special equipment.

7. Air Separator: The manufacture of eddy Current, the rubber particles and fiber separation, and the rubber powder is divided into coarse, fine two kinds of separation by sorting the accuracy of the adjustment, can be divided into 40 mesh-120 mesh rubber fine powder.

8. Plastic Powder Quantitative Bagging machine: can be achieved according to the need for quantitative bagging.

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