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How to reduce the dust in the work of Wood Shredder

Woodworking mill in the work of the time will produce a lot of dust, and these dust on the human body is unhealthy, then how can we reduce dust?

1. The appropriate heightening of vertical return air duct: The central vertical return air duct on the cyclone storage device is suitably heightened, but to ensure that the powder particle size is in line with the requirement, the center vertical return air duct too high affect output, too low will cause pipeline blockage. Dust from the first return air pipe settlement, where the water vapor will be sticky dust on the tube wall, pipe diameter to become smaller, resulting in a blockage of airflow, affecting output, and the motor is easy to heat. The solution is to open the tube wall on a regular basis.

2. Vertical return air duct and blanking trough merge: Sawdust grinder on the vertical return of the air duct according to the equipment design requirements on the side, often due to blocking material and closed, affecting the ventilation and output, in considering dust when the change to be with the next material chute merged, perpendicular to the wood grinder under the material mouth, so that the blockage is resolved.

3. The installation of annular spray and some residual gas and a small amount of dust through the return air oblique pipe in the sinking indoor settlement, at the pipe exit can be placed in a ring spray water to produce fog-like pressure to the dust deposition part.

4. Settling room tail end of an exhaust fan: The settlement room by a multi-channel wall, dust by the fan pull Force force the settlement, the end of the installation of 1 fans will be residual water vapor and dust discharged, the final treatment in the pool. This not only ensures that the sawdust grinder each pipeline is not blocked, but also for the local dust dust points to provide a guarantee.

5. Periodically remove the settlement: a small amount of dust and water vapor, due to wind action will dust impact on the surface subsidence, this part of the sediment must be salvaged once a week.

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