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A description of the liner plate of Metal Shredder

1. Metal shredder liner and broken material conflict times. Metal Shredder in the process of crushing the hammerhead and materials constantly impact rub, in the process, the material will be with the lining plate, repeatedly bump to bring the lining plate wear.

2. If you find that the liner has a sag or cracking, please replace it in time, otherwise it will affect the size of the material particles.

3. The material problem of liner board itself in practice, we found that the hardness of the material and wear resistance, wear resistance with the progress of hardness and progress.

Metal Shredder facing the rapid economic environment and new technology, the trend towards high-end equipment. The future, metal Shredder will go automation, intelligent, efficient direction. Metal Shredder combined with the benefits of similar products, with a large feed caliber, large output, low energy consumption, high fineness, strong reliability and other benefits. The fineness of the material has strict requirements.

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